This is a blog. I think that’s pretty much self explanatory.

But I’ll go into it some more:

This blog is a continuation of a blog I started in France, combined with a blog I started when I made my portfolio website.

It’ll include pieces of almost everything I do and like, from art to fashion, travel to photography, and writing. I’ll try to keep it to creative subjects only, but expect the occasional post about my life – thus the category “General.” If I eventually find that certain posts are more popular, or more common, I may settle into one style or another. But in general things will be creative, slightly tongue-in-cheek, and occasionally very girly. If there’s one subject you prefer over another, I suggest you bookmark just that category.

This is the blogess:

And you can contact her at: heyhannajames@gmail.com

Or view her website, Hey Hanna James.com